A Way to Attain From Jaipur to Delhi

Jaipur, the pink city as it is known affectionately wins the heart of every visiting tourist and traveler. The tourists from the foreign countries visiting Jaipur need to go back to Delhi which acts as a gateway for the city and many other tourists’ places in the country. In such situations, it is advisable to be aware of the routes and options for travelling back to Delhi. The tourist may opt between the flight, the train or even the bus. He may also opt for the Jaipur to Delhi taxi travel.


Distance from Jaipur to Delhi

The tour time from Jaipur to Delhi takes around four – 5 hours. The aerial distance among the 2 factors is 241 kms whereas the distance by teach is 288 kms. the distance by means of road if you plan to absorb a bus or a taxi is 267 kms.

The Way to Reach Delhi from Jaipur

As noted earlier, there are four modes for travelling from Jaipur to Delhi. There may be direct flight connectivity from Jaipur till Delhi taking approximately 1 hr within the journey. The flight journey is a convenient one. The educate connectivity among the 2 points is likewise superb. There are more than 20 trains between the 2 stations at extraordinary time periods and specific days that you can board as according to your convenience. Further there are a few inter-nation bus offerings that can be contacted for the travel. The approximate time required for the journey could be a bit extra than 4 hours.

The other roadway option for the adventure from Jaipur to Delhi is the taxi way. Hiring the taxi from Royal Taxi Cab makes the adventure even smoother and fun. Keep in mind going by the taxi in case you are in no hurry. You presently have the gain of journeying at your personal comfort. There may be no want to paste to the constant timing of the other modes of travel. Adding to the advantages is additional buying you can do on the metropolis outskirts; go to the art galleries and the museums at the way while leaving the town and still have the taste of the delicious traditional dishes on the numerous ingesting joints at the Jaipur –Delhi toll road.

The clean and current cabs in Jaipur, well educated drivers and the protection requirements followed by using the tour company make the adventure a secure and a pricey one.


Just a Day Out in Pushkar with Royal Taxi Cabs

taxi in Jaipur

Well if you’re thinking of going on a round trip around Rajasthan, you’d probably be thinking of watching the city of Pushkar. Yes yes, I know. Most of you relate to Pushkar by the scene of Namastey London movie in which Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif spend time watching the beautiful sunset. (Whisper: Haven’t watched the movie? You really must *wink*) So yeah, Pushkar is a city that’s much famous for its serene beauty and beautiful palaces. A lot of movies are shot here owing to its beautiful palaces and yeah, if you’re thinking of getting some of your best clicks, Pushkar it must be. With the Pushkar tour package offered by the Royal Taxi cabs, you’ll be able to experience the serene beauty of this city to the fullest extent. You can also book the Jaipur to Pushkar Taxi which’ll also let you have a sneak peek at places on the way! If you want to go Jaipur after the trip from Pushkar then book taxi services in Jaipur with Royal Taxi Cabs.

Here’s a small list of “Must-Do”s in Pushkar. Read them on and make sure you don’t miss them at any cost!

1) The beautiful Pushkar Lake & Fair

Yes! This city has got the most amazing Pushkar fair and only one temple of Jagatpita Brahma in India and you’ll totally enjoy in tour with them. The Pushkar fair have all the annual cattle fair. Besides trading of horses, camels, cows and bulls, there are exciting camel-cart races and cultural events. The natural lush green environment around the lake will surely bring you a step closer to the Mother Nature. With Jaipur to Pushkar Taxi offered by the royal taxi cabs, you’ll get to visit most of these beautiful Pushkar fair & Lake!


2) The Pushkar sunset

The Pushkar sunset is the best! If you’re a nature loving person, you’ll get lost in those rays of light that’ll slowly sink into the horizon. The saffron color of the sun setting is a great visual treat for you. Are you a photo freak? Or a selfie freak? Click some of your best pictures here.

3) The Pushkar sightseeing package

The Pushkar tour packages include the Pushkar sightseeing package which includes plenty of places in this Royal city of Rajasthan. You can have a look at all of them and experience the beauty of this city.

4) The Pushkar palaces

Needless to say that the Pushkar palaces are an all time favorites to many people and if you’re a person who loves to explore the natural serene beauty of the old palaces of India, Pushkar palaces are best suited for you. You can also click amazing pictures and carry home a delightful experience. Be ready to feel royal with these royal palaces!

Book Royal Taxi Cabs for Outing from Jaipur

If you’re planning to go out for an outing from Jaipur to visit famous places in Rajasthan, of all the other things like: bag, you’re traveling hat and shoes and so on, you must also think about the taxis to book. With wide range of options, anyone is bound to get confused! So what are the things you should watch out for in order to select the best Taxi in Jaipur. Here’s a small guide to it. Read on!

                                 taxi in Jaipur

1) Does it fit your cost from outing Jaipur?

The first thing you must check is to see if it’s fitting your pocket. You don’t want to end up loads of money for traveling which’ll leave you with less cash to explore other places right? So first check out whichever suits your budget. If you totally want to experience the royal taxi services, you could book the expensive ones. But if you’re just hunting for a decent taxi service, go for an economic one. Royal taxi cabs in Jaipur is one of the best Taxi in Jaipur that’s extremely budget friendly! Check it out now!

2) Do they offer you different packages?

Not many taxis in Jaipur offer you various packages in which you can go around different places around the Jaipur in the best route covering most places in less time. One such taxi in Jaipur that do offer the service of providing different packages is the Royal taxi cabs. They have different packages to choose from and you’ll be able to cover too many places in less time and the most beautiful route possible.

taxi in Jaipur

3) A stroll around Pushkar, Ajmer and Jodhpur is a must

What’s the fun in a taxi that doesn’t take you to the most famous places of Rajasthan which you ‘must’ visit? Why spend time and money only to visit a couple of places when you can visit most famous places in a day or two? Pushkar, Ajmer and Jodhpur are some of the most famous places and if your cabbie is not going to let you visit those places, you might as well not go with that particular cab service at all. Choose the taxi cabs which’ll promise you to take around these 3 prominent places of Rajasthan and let you experience the beauty of all these 3 places.

Which Cabs is best for Visit Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

There are many Taxi for  Chokhi Dhani that offer A/C cabs. Many tourists visit the pink city as it offers many eye catching architecture. The city of Jaipur is also the state capital of Rajasthan. One can easily finds Cabs in Chokhi Dhani. As the city is quite spread out, and the tourist’s points are scattered throughout the city, it is essential for tourists to hire a Taxi in Jaipur.

The care perfect car to hire for your Chokhi Dhani visit depends upon the number of people that will be travelling with you. For a party of 4, a hatchback car would be most suitable. An A/C hatchback will not cost you much. However, if you look to travel in a more comfortable manner, there are many Taxi for  Chokhi Dhani that offer A/C sedan cars. However, they are more likely to cost you more than the A/C hatchback. Also, the sedan cars are quite comfortable, and the cooling of the cars is of high quality. The travelers won’t feel the hot summer Rajasthani heat inside the car.


If the number of travelers is around 6 or 7, then hiring a SUV is a better idea. The extra seating space of such cars offers decent sitting space. So the travelers will feel quite comfortable. However, SUV cars are a bit extra on the pocket, as they have increased seating space, and a better, powerful A/C as compared to sedans or hatchbacks. A sedan can easily accommodate 4-5 passengers.

If you want to hire a good quality car at a very low rate, then head over to Royal Taxi. They offer the lowest prices in Chokhi Dhani. Their cars are installed with various features, which will make your travel comfortable. The cooling power of each car is quite good. Also, the drivers are well trained in driving and personal conduct. Also, the driver will pick and drop at the gate. So you would not have to walk much. Royal Taxi offers best Cabs in Chokhi Dhani.

The Royal Taxi packages include and covers all major Chokhi Dhani Tourist Attraction. Chokhi Dhani Resort will be on the map. Also, the Magic show and Rajasthani folk dances, one of the most important tourist destinations in Chokhi Dhani will also be shown by the drivers.